Thursday, 30 May 2013

What are your 4 steps to success?

 Which of these statements best describe your practice?
  • My appointment book has become gappy, I am seeing fewer new patients. 
  • My takings have gone down, my financial position is getting tight. 
  • The patients I do see are spending less and putting off treatment. 
  • The marketing I have done hasn’t worked and I don’t know what else to do. 
  • There is too much ’red tape’, I don’t have enough time to do everything I am supposed to. 
  • I am working harder and earning less, my home life  and health is suffering. 
  • I find it difficult to recruit, train, manage and retain staff that do their job properly. 
  • I am considering selling my business. 
  • I am a dentist not a business person. 
  • Dentistry is not fun anymore.

We are here to help
If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is perfect for you and your team.
4 steps to success teaches you what you weren’t taught at dental school, how to create and manage a really successful practice, that you and your staff want to work in and your patients want to attend. Follow these 4 simple steps and your success is guaranteed.

For more information and to register visit

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Which of these statements describes an aspect of your practice?

Which of these statements describes an aspect of your practice?

  • My appointment book has become gappy, I am seeing fewer new patients.
  • My takings have gone down, my financial position is getting tight.
  • The patients I do see are spending less and putting off treatment.
  • The marketing I have done hasn’t worked and I don’t know what else to do.
  • There is too much ’red tape’, I don’t have enough time to do everything I am supposed to.
  • I am working harder and earning less, my home life  and health is suffering.
  • I find it difficult to recruit, train, manage and retain staff that do their job properly.
  • I am considering selling my business.
  • I am a dentist not a business person.
  • Dentistry is not fun anymore.
Do you want a practice that
  • Runs smoothly and is a pleasure to be part of
  • Patients are happy and appreciate what you and your team do
  • Attend their appointments on time and are happy to pay your fees
  • The team work hard and are happy doing so
  • Everyone is  remunerated well for what they do
A free event brought to you by
Wednesday 18th September 18:00 - 21:30
3.5 hrs v CPD
Donations of £20 are suggested, all proceeds going to Dentaid
Learn more by clicking here or sign up at eventbrite

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Did you miss this? Today is your last chance to book.

  • Do you often feel frustrated by a high level of FTA’s and late cancellations?
  • Are you plagued by gappy appointment books?
  • Have you problems with too many patient complaints?
  • Have you been devastated when a complaint has involved the PCT, defence union ot GDC?
  • Are you fed up with an inadequate patient journey and unacceptable customer service?
  • Do you just want a patient journey and customer service that delights your patients?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions

ACE service wins

is the perfect tele-seminar for you


Are you the type of dentist that wants to deliver the best and most appropriate treatment to their patients, working with a skilled enthusiastic team in which everyone including your is remunerated well for all their efforts?

Are you also finding the current climate tough, fewer patients paying less for treatment, with more bills to pay and more red tape to wade through?

Are you starting to realise, whether you are a principal, an associate or a salaried dentist that running a practice is as much about the business of dentistry as it is about clinical dentistry and it would be really useful to your success and the success of your practice that your business skills were as well-honed as your clinical skills?

Think about it for a moment, from the time you entered dental school until the present day what percentage of your training has been in ‘the business of dentistry’, inclusing customer service,  and what percentage was on clinical skills and dental compliance?

What impact do you think it would have your you and your practice if you began to prioritise the business of dentistry so that you had that skill mastered as well as you can do an examination, filling, extraction or a crown prep?

There would be a significant improvement to you personally and professionally wouldn’t there? You would have enough time, money and energy, to do what you want, when you want with who you want.
Imagine how fabulous would that be?

Free tele-seminar ACE service wins

“As the owner of a small business it can be very hard to work out the best strategy to overcome the issues you face. Having wrestled with various knotty issues for many months it was a great relief to talk to Jane. Her clear thinking and no-nonsense approach helped me see simple things I can do to increase my sales and build my business.”

Rob Woods

If you and I together took a walk down your local high street 20 years ago, and I asked you “How many opticians can you count?” you would have replied “5, 10 or even 15 Independent opticians”

If we were to take that same walk today and I asked you the same question you would reply “I can only see the big names, Specsavers, visionexpress” and then if we ventured further we just might down an off the beaten track find one remaining independent opticians.

Can you already see the signs that dentistry is following in the footsteps of the opticians, ADP, IDH, Rodericks and some other groups are taking over the high street and taking your patients and your income. If you don’t want to be gobbled up or stuck down a dark alley way now is the time to learn about the business of dentistry, clinical excellence is not enough, your team is key to your success.

Other reasons why you may agree now is the time to develop your customer service

•    Direct access
•    Practices now being owned and run by hygienists, nurses and practice managers
•    Corporates and group practices are employing your staff
•    Fewer staff joining as trainees
•    Competition for jobs is greater
•    Increased number of desirable practices to work in
You can be successful and buck the trend start to find out how

Free tele-seminar ACE service wins

“Since working with Jane, I have developed systems for everything and continue to do so –improving teamwork and staff motivation. Everyone enjoys coming to work and are happy to do new things.”

Priti    Dentist Harrow
To help you improve your knowledge of the business of dentistry, we run a free monthly tele-seminar that give you insights tips, tools and strategies that will help you make your good practice great.

Each month we will give you valuable information and advice that we share with our 1-2-1 clients and those involved in our 12 month programme that will help you improve your practice and get it to where you want it to be.

Each month we share with you from one of our 12 keys to a successful practice that when you know them will unlock your success.

This month we will be offering you some powerful strategies from our ACE service wins module

To discover how ACE service wins, you need is a computer or a telephone and an hour of your time.

I guarantee that you will learn tips and techniques that have the potential to transform your finances.

When you join me on this call, I will share with you some of my top strategies improve your practice, delight your patients and create more money.
Sounds like a really valuable way to spend an hour on a tele-seminar doesn’t it?

What difference would it make to your practice if you learnt these tools too?Join here

Date         Wednesday 8th May
Time        19:00 -20:00
Location     Access by phone or internet
You  will receive pre and post seminar work books and copes of slides
Join in here

“Thank you Jane for YOUR time. Your teleseminars are great for self-improvement and I always find them very insightful.”
Chantelle – The Dental agency
Your host for the tele-seminar is Dr Jane Lelean. Jane is a dentist and former practice owner. Jane is the only dentist outside the USA accredited by the international coach federation ( the coach equivalent of the GDC)  as a professional coach, she dedicates her time sharing her knowledge and experience with dentists and team members like you who want to have more time money and energy and a very successful dental practice.

As a former practice owner Jane has been though very similar trials and tribulations to you. Early in her career she had the fortunate situation that her practice manager embezzled large sums of money leaving her almost bankrupt, disheartened and very conscious that she knew how to be a great dentist and she didn’t know how to run a business. Sound familiar?

Though this experience that did take Jane to some very dark places where she often felt alone and unsupported, and it was though the support of her first coach, her thirst for knowledge and dogged implementation of what she learnt that by the time she sold her practice she was generating £450K on three days a week in a single handed mixed practice of approximately 750 patients, referring out all implants, endo and ortho and providing high quality general dentistry.
Jane is passionate about dentistry and never wants another dentist to have to go what she did, because she believe that like dental caries and periodontial disease with the right education, support and motivation frustrating and failing practice is preventable.  Specialist support is the secret to success.

Jane offers you
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • 10 steps to success a twelve month workshop programme
  • In-house training
  • Free teleseminars
“Interesting and inspirational ways to improve working methods”
Dr M Keady

This month at the free tele-seminar we will be offering you some powerful strategies from our ACE service wins module
To discover ACE service wins you need is a computer or a telephone and an hour of your time

       Wednesday 8th May
Time        19:00 -20:00
Location     Access by phone or internet
You will receive pre and post seminar work books and copes of slides

Join in here

“I am thrilled about your insights and amazed how you connect simple dentistry with practice management. This is definitely a very unique presentation.”

Rod Ronquillo Dentist Philippines

If you are ready to understand and discover 
ACE service wins
This tele-seminar has the potential to change your customer service, your income and your life too.

Can you afford to miss it?

You do want to be a part of this incredible tele-seminar don’t you?

When you register you will be e-mailed the call-in information and also receive additional free gift handbooks

If this is your first tele-seminar relax and enjoy, they are very easy and incredibly useful

Date Wednesday 8th May
Time 19.00 – 20.00 GMT
Duration approximately 60 minutes
Click here to join in

"Another brilliant seminar"
Dental Practice Manager Reading

Who should attend?
 This tele-seminar is perfect for any member of your team that  has contact with your patients, contractors or suppliers directly or indirectly.

This is a must attend seminar for
  • Principal dentists and their Practice managers
  •  Associates
  • Anyone who is thinking about running their own practice
In a forward thinking practice the following will also benefit from attending
  • Hygienists and Therapists
  • Treatment Co-ordinators
  • Nurses
  • Receptionists
This tele-seminar is free to attend for multiple members of the same practice.
Join in this is for you and your team

One of the most informative and well managed tele-seminars I have ever been involved in." 
SF Dental Practice Manager

What people like you have said about working with us

“It has only been two months and with your help we have reactivated an amazing £20,000 worth of treatment with just a few phone calls.

Thank you very much for the clarity, focus and quick and easy solutions to reach my goals. I wish I had started working with again earlier.

Everyone at the practice is enjoying work more.”

Priti    Dentist Harrow

“Thank you Jane for an insightful and inspiring online seminar. A little redirection and a guided hand can work wonders. You have helped me become 'consciously competent' in what I need to do next.”
Chantelle Kirk Dental Practice Manager

“Interesting and Useful”

A Beveridge  Practice Manager London
“Thank you Jane for YOUR time. Your teleseminars are great for self-improvement and I always find them very insightful.”
Chantelle – The Dental Agency

"Fantastic!!- You really made the course interesting. Thank You"
Claire Haslemere Surrey

"I found it all really useful”
CH Dental Nurse Surrey

“Loved that it was personalised”
Jane Sheehan Buckinghamshire

"One of the most informative and well managed tele-seminars I have ever been involved in." 
SF Dental Practice Manager

"Thanks for your advice and guidance on tonight’s call. Definitely gets you thinking...Look forward to the next call."

S.C. Dental Practice Manager

"Another brilliant seminar"

Dental Practice Manager Reading

What will you say?

"Yes Jane, I want to be there and learn The ACE service wins strategy

Please register me on to your free tele-seminar"
Join in here

 “Well structured, informative, thought provoking and results orientated”
R Barrett, Principal Dentist, Ireland
Unable to attend?
If you are unable as a result of prior commitments, you can relax and be confident that you can still have access to this powerful resource of knowledge recordings will be available as either an audio that you can listen to in the car or a DVD to share with your team at a practice meeting.

Save money and pre-order your recording now
Audio recording £25.00* (Pre ordered before the event only £15.00* saving £10.00)
Video recording £35.00* (Pre ordered before the event only £20.00* saving £15.00)
Twin pack £50 * saving £10.00 (Pre ordered before the event only £30.00* saving £20)
*Prices exclude VAT and P&P
To pre - register for your CD e mail me at
With the following details
  • Your name
  • Practice Name and address
  • E mail address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Credit card details for payment

“I definitely came away with new ideas to implement”

C Henderson, Belfast

If you are ready to understand and discover how to create
ACE service wins
See you on the call on 
Wednesday 8th May 2013 at 19:00 GMT

I can't wait for this exciting opportunity to share with you some of the simple and yet impactful strategies that have the power to transform your customer service today.

“Really informative and very useful tips”

F Pessian, Dentist London

Many practice owners and practice managers, like you, contact after my tele-seminars, distressed that they have missed out on some valuable information. Because of this, we have created a comprehensive library of tele-seminar recordings. The CD and DVD collection provides you with an invaluable bank of ideas and tips to implement in your practice.

If you have missed any of our tele-seminars and would like to catch up on the content please e-mail me and let me know which CDs you would like to order.

Available as audio recordings

•    More profit from your appointment book
•    Great profits and how to make them (avoiding the financial mistakes many dentists make)
•    More profit from your recalls
•    Great referrals and how to get them
•    Perfect staff and how to find them
•    The art of writing a marketing plan
•    Creating a business card that generates patients
•    The 3 R’s to filling your appointment book
•    The top 10 reasons you should put your prices up in a recession
•    Financial security through a membership plan
•    The effective art of delegation - freeing your time
•    Simple steps to increase your cash flow today
•    Overcoming overwhelm and not having enough time
•    Steps to more patients more profit
•    Mind-set motivation and more money
•    Make 2012 your best year yet
•    How to get the practice you want now
•    Quick simple steps to improve your cash flow today
•    TNT – for explosive growth of your practice (Your secret weapon to happier patients and more money)

Available as both audio and video recordings

 “Essential practice management systems for the 21st century practice” 
(How to generate an extra £20,000 a month without spending any money)
The fantastic practice – Frustration to fabulous in five simple steps.
The ultimate dental examination – How to improve your patient’s health and make more money.
The time tamer – how to have enough time
4 steps to a perfect team – simple steps to recruit, motivate and retain your perfect team

Order 5 and get the sixth free
Next month save money and pre-order your recording

Audio recording £25.00* (Pre ordered before the event only £15.00* saving £10.00)
Video recording £35.00* (Pre ordered before the event only £20.00* saving £15.00)
Twin pack £50 * saving £10.00 (Pre ordered before the event only £30.00* saving £20)
“Thank you Jane
For opening my eyes, before working with you I feel I was walking around with my eyes and ears shut , you helped and encouraged me during very hard times in my business,
Because of your guidance,, coaching and knowledge that you have given me, today I am much healthier and wealthier person.
Thank you for all your hard work with me.”

Forouzan Pessian 
Specialist Prosthodontist & Oral Surgeon


Dates for your diary

Future tele-seminar dates
So you can be confident that you will never miss another tele-seminar, and you can begin to learn the business of dentistry, that when combined with your excellent clinical skills will guarantee you and your practice success, a list of dates is below for you to put into your appointment book.

The tele-seminars are currently free to attend, your place at any of these events can be pre-booked by e mailing or joining in at
In 2013 the tele- seminars will be held on the second Wednesday of the month between 19:00 and 20:00.
If you would like Jane to cover a specific issue please e mail us to let us know what you would like Jane to focus on.

Date                Area of practice to be covered
May 8th                Customer service 
June 12th            Money making marketing
July 10th            Stunning sales
August 14th            Inspirational leadership    
September 11th         Business systems and organisation    
October 9th            Environment, equipment and facilities
November 11th            Core skills
December 13th        Self-care

‘It was a great session yesterday.  I learned so much in one hour.”

Selaraj Balaji Dentist Buckinghamshire

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Are you happy?

Are you happy?

A lot of research would suggest that most of us are not, and we really want to be.
If you would like to be happier than you are read on.
Your transformation matters

"Transformation in the world happens when people are
healed and start investing in other people."
Michael W. Smith


A life -changing adventure awaits you with ‘Your Transformation Matters’ – a unique 7 day NLP retreat in Bali

•    Are you looking for something more or better in your life, personally, professionally, physically emotionally or spiritually?

•    Do you want to find a partner or improve the relationship with the partner you have?

•    Would you like more money so you can make a difference to your life, the lives of those you love and the wider community beyond?

•    Do you want to be working in a job or your own business that is fulfilling and has a sense purpose?

•    Do you want to, once and for all, overcome traumas, events and history from the past that keeps coming back to haunt you?

•    Do you want to have a body that is youthful, fit, healthy and strong whatever your age?

•    Do you want to overcome habits, addictions or feelings that stop you being your best?

•    Do you ever feel that you being what is expected of you and not being true to yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Your Transformation Matters - a 7 day NLP  retreat is perfect for you.
Your transformation matters is a delightful adventure that allows you to heal your difficult challenges and obstacles, revealing and becoming a richer more honest version of yourself. During our time together, you will uncover your truth, needs and desires and create a compelling future for yourself that will become a reality.
There are no pre-requisites or qualifications are needed to join this course, it is a day by day, step by step process that will result in your own personal transformation journey.

Specific changes you can achieve through your transformation matters include

•    Changing problem emotions and behaviours (i.e. anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear)

•    Improving all aspects of health

•    Finding fulfilling work and your life purpose

•    Improving relationships

•    Overcoming depression, anxiety, fears and phobias

•    Becoming the ideal weight

•    Healing addictions

•    Improving your wealth

•    Creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being, so you can see and feel life in ways you had never heard before.

•    Manage your feelings, turn fear in to a friend, anger into an ally and worrying into winning.

•    Dealing with and overcoming conflict

•    Learn the secrets to instant happiness and love.

You could ask “How can one week have such a remarkable difference in so many areas of my life “Your transformation matters” is a process that combines many proven NLP tools that, individually have been used by thousands of NLP practitioners to create lasting change, we have brought them together in one elegant process, because we know that for you, enough is enough and now is the time for life never to be the same again.

Now imagine what your life could be like when you are freed from the physical, mental or emotional shackles of your most deep seated and difficult problems, free to live the life that is your destiny.

Now, maybe you’ve already read books on NLP, listened to and watched DVD’s and CD’s and got an idea of the power and magic involved, then got frustrated and overwhelmed because when you tried to implement it you found it confusing, complicated and calamitous, you can now relax. Your transformation matters is a simple step by step process, we have done all the hard work so you can just participate and get the results you have come for.

You’ll love Your transformation matters if

•    You are ready for a change and want to succeed

•    You are willing to participate and do what it takes

•    You like to have fun while making amazing discoveries

•    You enjoy being creative and doing new things

•    You like people and want to see others succeed

•    You like to travel and experience new cultures

•    You like one-on-one attention and learning in a small group
•    You like to learn from people passionate about your success.

•    Learn best from someone who really wants you to be able to get it

•    You enjoy learning in way that’s tailored perfectly to you

•    You want to experience a greater appreciation life as you develop a deep sense of inner harmony

Remember what is included
•    7 days training with Nicolette and Jane
•    All course material and literature
•    Healthy fresh Balinese and western food
•    Yoga sessions
•    Sessions with a masseuse or therapist
•    Free Coaching session with Nicolette or Jane valued at £300

We're here to help because Your Transformation Matters

By now, you’re probably keen to get started on Your transformation matters
So if you know you want to book right away then great – simply call Jane (0044) (0)7989 757 885  if you’d like to ask us any questions first, just so you’re certain Your transformation matters is right for you, , then to call us before you decide to book,  Nicolette 0062 (0)81237445328 Jane (0044)  (0)7989 757 884  before you decide to book.

As places on our course are limited we want you to be absolutely sure you’re making the right decision before you book your place

Who else do you think would benefit from Your transformation matters?
Because we like to say thank you and reward your success, for every new person that you introduce that makes a booking we will give you a discount of £25, up to a maximum of £100.

If you also book Beautiful Bali – Brilliant NLP” we will give you a discount of £100 For more information visit

There are only 25 places available for Your transformation matters and we are expecting to sell out early. I encourage you to call Nicolette 006281237445328 or Jane (0044) (0)7989 757 885

If you like detail, you will want to know more of what will cover
•    You will identify and transform your limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs
•    You will identify and create a hierarchy of your core values so you can be true to yourself.
•    You will elicit your motivation strategy so you can make sure you can always do what needs to be done.
•    You will learn how to manage your state so you can feel at your best
•    You will convert your negative self-chatter into the voice of a cheerleader
•    You will disempower fears, phobias and anxieties
•    You will discover the power of anchoring for success.
•    You will learn how to transform bad feelings into helpful supportive resources
•    You will create and embed a compelling future
•    And much much more

    Date               September 2nd-8thth  2013
•    Venue            Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
•    Investment      

Only £650* for the 1st 10 bookings
£700 if booked before 1st June
£900 if booked before 1st July
£1250 if booked before 1st August
£1500 if booked after 1st August

Other things you may like to know before you book

All prices exclude VAT
*no discounts available on this price, because it is our lowest possible fee.

How you can make you prices even lower?
For every new person you introduce to us that confirms a booking you will receive a £25.00 discount on your booking.
If you book both Beautiful Bali- Brilliant NLP  and our 7 day retreat “Your transformation matters” at the same time you will receive a £100 discount

What is also included
•    Very tasty and very healthy Balinese and western food
•    Bonus 1: 1 hour 1-2-1 remote coaching with either Nicolette or Jane valued £300
•    Bonus 2: 1,5 hour Balinese massage
•    Bonus 3:  a day tour for your spouse to the holiest water temple and the ancient king’s grave in the most tranquil tropical place you can imagine

What is excluded
•    Air fare and transfers
•    Accommodation  (will cost between €25 – €150 a day depending on location)


Your trainers

Nicolette Verheem

Nicolette is a master NLP practitioner and NLP trainer, and has a master NLP Health certification. In the last 25 years she worked as a sport instructor, holistic physiotherapist, NLP coach and trainer. She has been a national Dutch Frisbee player for 18 years and coaching the team for 5 years.  As a physiotherapist it became very frustrated for her seeing clients coming back over and over again with the same problems. After her first 3 days of the NLP practitioner training she knew ‘Here I will find answers to guide my clients in a sustainable way’. ’Not only as a professional I grew massively, also in my personal live I became the better version of me.’ Coming from an unsafe back ground, she had put her cool ‘I can handle anything’ mask on. ‘NLP gave me the tools to unwire my unsupportive patterns and step by step I could take of my mask and reveal the real more vulnerable me.’ Having built an NLP coaching and training practice in Holland, she is now volunteering in Bali for a year in a local clinic, assisting people facing severe physical and emotional problems. ‘I’m delighted to be training other professionals, sharing the beauty of NLP and the Bali culture.’

Jane Lelean

Jane is a master NLP practitioner and Certified NLP trainer, and a master NLP Health certification . She has a wealth of experience of experience using NLP in growing successful businesses and therapeutically helping people overcome many physical and psychological traumas and ailments.

NLP changed Jane’s life, for many years she had been desperately unhappy and received much counselling to heal the scars of a difficult childhood and adolescence, nothing worked until she discovered NLP and within 3 days she was off the antidepressants never to take them again. From that moment on she had a freedom and influence that she had previously dreamed of. Jane studied NLP and put all the principals into her dental practice so it became incredibly successful. Jane eventually sold her dental practice and started working as a full time coach mainly with dentists and other small business owners helping them make their good practices great using NLP and other coaching tools.

Now Jane coaches dentists and other small business owners from UK, Europe and other parts of the world incorporating NLP into the coaching so they can make their good businesses great. Jane also works with clients on an individual basis using NLP therapeutically to heal addictions, traumas, phobias and much more. Jane is very grateful to all those people who gave her a helping hand in her live and wants to give back in return, so she now works with three charities on a volunteer basis, Crisis, Circle sports and Dentaid.

Jane feels that for a long time she is being drawn to Bali and that offering this training is part of her purpose to be to help people change their lives and those they love with NLP.


Nicolette and Jane want the best for you and we want you to choose Your transformation matters because it gives you want you want and deserve. We are so  confident that Your transformation matters is right for you  that we will give you your money back if at the end of the first day you are not completely delighted with the training you have received.

Remember there are only 25 places available for Your transformation matters and the prelaunch has aroused so much interest  that we are confident all the places will sell out very quickly, so book now by  calling Jane (0044) (0)7989 757 885  or e mail to secure your place now
We look forward to you joining us in Bali in September because Your Transformation Matters

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How child friendly is your website?

How child friendly is your website?

This month I am delivering '8 steps to perfection' for the Blue apple dental study club, which is a seminar from my Dream team works module of coaching and training.

The venue the seminar will be held is   Belmore Court and motel,  Enniskillen, I found their website had something on it that any practice that has a significant number of child patients could 'model' and use on their websites too

What difference would it make to your website, and the level of patient engagement if you had children giving your website visitor a guided tour of your practice discussing the features and benefits to children and parents?

Check out the website, I would love to know what you think.