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Free dental examinations will destroy your practice – why you should never offer them

Free dental examinations will destroy your practice – why you should never offer them

Many dental practices are looking for more patients and increasingly I am seeing more practices are luring patients in by offering free dental examinations and check-ups. You must never do this, and this is why.

The purpose of a freebie is to bring patients in so that they can see how beautiful your practice is and experience the high quality of care that they will receive, so the patients return and join your practice long term. Your patients will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, and they will never forget how you make them feel. What happens, in reality, with a free examination is, to avoid losing too much money, the session is much shorter than normal is often rushed and rather that the patient having an awesome experience and returning, the experience can be very poor and the patient leaves never to be seen again with a less than favourable and inaccurate impression of your practice and how well you treat and care for your patients.

When I have analyzed client data, I have noticed, that giveaways and special offers attract the price conscious people seeking a deal and they seldom stay and become regular patients. These patients are special offer butterflies and flit between practices based on special offers. The rewards to your patient’s dental health and beauty occur when they become regular patients with whom you have a lifetime relationship.  The data also show that your income and profitability significantly grow as your practices has greater numbers of returning patients.

What should you do instead?

The key to attracting and retaining patients is to engage a patient care coordinator (PCC) with the attitude of outstanding levels of customer service, excellent communication skills, and appropriate training in a suite of field of expertise.

A PCC trained and competent in Patient Centred Sales– BEST CHOICES is the most appropriate member of the team to be offering complementary consultations.

Two months ago, I was speaking with a dentist whose hourly rate is £400 / hour and who is regularly giving away free 20-minute exams when his thorough new patient examination is normally 45-minutes. He called me because he was frustrated that the patients are not returning, he is losing money and does not want to put the fees up to his regular patients to cover the losses.
One of the successful strategies we discussed was to train two of his nurses and develop the role of a patient care coordinator.

 The free examinations on his hourly rate were costing him £133.33, his thorough new patient examination was charged at £150, so he was still making a loss

He had two nurses in the practice one was paid £15/hour and the other £13.00 / hour and had been with him for 12 years and 8 years respectively and both know how he works. have an extensive knowledge of treatments available and are natural communicators who effortlessly put the patients at ease, engage them in conversation. What the nurses lacked was, confidence, belief they could become a PCC and a structure to their patient conversations.
I suggested the dentist that he brought his whole team and and both his nurses attend my Patient Centred Sales – BEST CHOICES workshop and introduce free consultations for patients with a Patient Care Coordinator. The dentist was a little hesitant and opted to only bring himself and one nurse to the two-day workshop. At the end of the two days the dentist and his nurse had confidence, enthusiasm, great plans for the introduction of a PCC and many new skills and approaches which included a framework to patient consultations that effortlessly elicited the patients wants needs and preferences and a structure to CRAFT and present options of treatment available.

The dentist and his nurse decided to immediately implement the role of a Patient Care Coordinator, offering free consultations to all new and prospective patients. The patients loved that they were being offered the time and space to discuss all their dental issues, and have questions answered. They were aware that the nurse could not make any diagnosis or design treatment plans and she could discuss options that are available.

The results quickly showed that patients were happier, new patient and prospect retention dramatically increased, new patient examinations are correctly charged for no longer a loss leader, the value of treatment plans went up significantly as did treatment plan acceptance rates. The financial rot has stopped, and profitability is soaring. Job satisfaction of the PCC was at an all time high and the overall morale of the practice improved. The dentist admitted that he had realized by the first break on the first day that he had made an error in judgement and he should have brought his entire team to the event. Since then I have been invited to the practice and delivered it in-house with all the entire team with miraculous results for the patients, practice and team, not to mention income and profitability.  

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Monday, 14 May 2018

Why you should never work with a treatment coordinator (TCO)

Why you should never work with a treatment coordinator (TCO)

Treatment coordinators are becoming increasingly popular in UK dental practices and more courses are springing up to train your staff, you should never have a treatment coordinator (TCO) in your practice and here is why.

The media and many patients already consider dentists to be rich and greedy. (I know that you are not. and we do know that there are a few bad apples that spoil the reputation of the fair, generous, compassionate, caring, hard-working and appropriately priced majority.) The use of the term treatment coordinator focuses on treatment and unconsciously, affirms to your patients that is what you are primarily interested in selling treatments. Your patients hate and resent being sold to. Rather than enhancing your reputation a TCO role has the potential to destroy it.

TCO’s who focus on the conversion of treatment plans may generate high levels of income in the short term and all commercial research shows that to increase your gross income and substantially increase your profitability you should rather concentrate long-term repeat business.

Your practice needs patient care coordinators. (PCC)

Patient care coordinator is a far more comprehensive role that will add much more value to your practice than a TCO. A PCC will substantially increase your reputation, referrals, patient satisfaction, reduce complaints and as a result your treatment plan conversion rate will significantly increase, and your profitability will soar.

A PCC role is focused on what your patients want; to be cared for. The evidence from the indemnity providers tells us time and time again, that patients seldom complain because of the standard of clinical dentistry that was provided and they do complain because they dis not feel cared for, listened to or that there wants, needs or preferences were being met.

Your patients will forget what you say
Your patients will forget what you do
Your patients will always remember how you made them feel

A team of appropriately train PCC’s will make your patients feel, valued, special, part of your practice in a way that you cannot do alone and a TCO can’t do because they are focused on treatment plan conversions and sales.

Your practice needs Patient Care Coordinators.

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Friday, 11 May 2018

What is a patient care coordinator (PCC)?

What is a patient care coordinator (PCC)?

In the 21st century practice patient care co-ordinators are key team members and their inclusion into your team will result in

ü  Happier more satisfied Patients
ü  Patients accessing the treatment they want and need
ü  Fewer complaints
ü  Greater confidence and less fear for clinicians
ü  Increased treatment plan conversions
ü  Higher value treatment plans
ü  Increase practice profitability
ü  Ability to get of the UDA treadmill
ü  More complex and satisfying treatment options
ü  Increased patient dental health, function and beauty
ü  Improved team work and morale
ü  Increase retention of team members
ü  Greater enjoyment at work Less stress

Dr Jane lelean was one of the dentists to introduce the role of a Patient care co-ordinator into her practice and over the intervening 25 years she has been developing the role and helping other forward-thinking teams, like yours, incorporate PCC’s too.
A successful PCC need to have an attitude of putting the patient first, going the extra mile and being prepared to do what it takes to get the best outcome. Excellent communication skills are key.
There are several areas your PCC will require training in as indicated below.

One of the most important skills is that your PCC has a patient centred approach to sales to enable your patients to make the BEST CHOICES.

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