Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Review, Plan, Implement

Coaching works with clients in three key areas 

  •    Enabling clients to REVIEW  their situation and what they want with their lives
  •   Working with clients so they can create a PLAN to achieve their goals
  •   Supporting  clients to  IMPLEMENT their plan.


You can work with me in any or all steps of the process.

Which step are you on?

Step 1

Clients who benefit from the review and goal setting stage feel  dissatisfied, fearful ,or lost 

Because  I work  with several cohorts of clients this includes

Dissatisfaction with the performance of the practice and elements of practice ownership.

Dissatisfaction with career or practice

Dissatisfaction with associateship and considering practice ownership

Dissatisfaction with income and finances

Dissatisfaction with level of fear, anger, anxiety, worry or burnout.

Dissatisfaction with heath.

Fear fearful of complaints or being sued

Lost in their career

Lost in life through drugs, alcohol, pain, relationships, anger etc

Where in your life do you feel dissatisfied, fearful, or lost?

Step 2

These clients have goal and don’t have a functioning  plan. It may be they don’t have any ideas or knowledge on how to achieve their goals or have plans that are not working. I work with my clients enabling them to create an effective plan.

How clear is your action plan?

Step 3

Many people get frustrated that their plan gets knocked off track and they become frustrated the changes that they desperately want don’t happen. I work with my client ensuring that they are able to implement their plan.

Where would you benefit from support in implementing your plans?

If you would like to discover how coaching will enable you to make the changes you want personally or professionally, e mail me or visit www.theinstituteofdentalbusiness to book a call.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting  you in  achieving the results you want

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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Free yourself from anxiety about complaints


Free yourself from anxiety about complaints


An interactive online workshop followed by 3 months group coaching designed to enable you to know how to prevent and manage complaints so that you can be free from anxiety and able to get on with treating your patients and living your life.


Pre-register on the waiting list and save £100


Can you relate to:

Not being able to concentrate because you are worried about complaints

Practicing defensive dentistry to minimise risk

Avoiding learning or using new clinical skills, fearing errors

Feeling unfulfilled in your career

Not knowing how to deal with a complaint

Friendships and relationships being damaged by your work

Considering leaving dentistry because it seems too risky.


Fear was my experience too

In the early part of my career, I was scared by the thought of complaints and the GDC. I knew my anxiety was affecting my work and the stress was damaging friendships. I considered leaving the profession I had wanted to do since I was aged 8. I knew there had to be a different way if I was to regain my confidence and passion for dentistry, and for it not to affect my personal life


I developed an approach that prevented the risk of complaints, eliminated my anxiety  and gave me a strategy to manage the complaints.


I am passionate about helping you do the same.



Join the waiting list now and save£100



A life without complaints anxiety?


Thanks to a combination of proven techniques combined with actionable and easy strategies, here is how you will feel after the course:

Calmer & happier within yourself

More patient with your colleagues and friends

Able to cope with challenging work situations

Able to develop your clinical skills

Bolder treatment plans

Better patient relationships

Able to step away from the NHS and mundane treatments

A renewed sense of confidence and fulfilment


What is included:

Two, four-hour live interactive workshops

Three one-hour interactive group coaching calls

One hour personalised bespoke coaching

Access to a supportive private Facebook community


This course has been carefully designed to fit in easily with your  busy schedule.


Pre-register on the waiting list and save £100



The course investment covers:


Workshop 1

Why patients complain

Prevention is better than cure

Feedback vs complaints

Patient centred language patterns

Anticipating and overcoming objections


Workshop 2

When it escalates

Having courageous conversations

Managing the feedback and complaints process

Unlocking secret the body language code


Webinar 1

Confidence tools used by high performing, athletes, actors, and politicians.


Webinar 2

Setting boundaries constructively.

Engaging your team


Webinar 3

Patient centred language patterns


Webinar 4

Reflection and celebrating your success over the last 4 months

Moving forwards

Personalised 1-2-1  coaching

This is personalised to you.




How much is the course?

4 -month programme LIVE online course is normally £695 payable in full at the time of enrolment, when you pre-registration you will receive a concession code and only pay £595. This investment is for you and you can bring one colleague for FREE


When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets will go on sale Monday 5th September at 8:00. Ahead of this time, you will be sent your pre-registration discount code


When does the course start?

The program starts on Monday 3rd October 2022 8:00 am


How will the course be delivered?
I have designed this course with you in mind.

2 live online interactive workshops  8:00-12:00 with a 15-minute refreshment break. Monday 3rd and Monday 10th October.  

4  live online interactive webinars 16:00-17:00 Mondays 17th October, 14th November, 12th December 12th January

One, 60-minute personalised coaching.


Who can attend?

This course is designed for all patient facing dental team members. It is contains essential foundational tools for clinicians, Practice Managers and patient Care coordinators.


Can a bring a colleague?

We are committed to team development, so for every registration one colleague from the practice can attend as a complimentary guest.


How large are the groups?

To provide personalised tuition we are limiting the group size to a maximum of 10 pairs of delegates

Are the calls recorded?

We are committed to provide a safe supportive environment for our clients so we never record workshops, webinars or coaching calls.


Pre-register on the waiting list and save £100


Client Testimonials:

"Gives you confidence and ability to use the skills in the workplace and throughout life."

M K Practice Owner Suffolk


"Inspiring and thought provoking, with results you will implement."

Michelle Best, Dental Nurse/Receptionist.


"Interactive, reflective, excellent for team."

O.L. Principal Dentist Hetfordshire


"It is so worth it and absolutely fabulous."

Dr V.B. Clinician, Surrey


"I wish I had met Jane 10 years ago, I could have saved myself so much stress!"

Bertie Napier, Principal, Sawbridgeworth


“Anxiety is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far.”

Your future success needs your attention today


Pre-register on the waiting list andsave £100



About Jane


Jane is a dentist, former practice owner and accredited coach. She is he only dentist worldwide to be accredited by the International Coaching federation to the  highest level of Master Certified Coach, only 76 coaches in the UK hold the accolade of MCC.

Through her coaching and training company, Jane is passionate about building thriving profitable practices and developing skilled teams.


Become the dentist everyone loves to recommend.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Closing the communication links


Communication is like a chain, when it is successful it is strong, when there are weak links it breaks and we have all experienced the frustration and pain that results.


Just because you have said something it does not mean that it has been heard or understood. To make communication clear and effective both parties are responsible for ensuring that the message has been heard and understood.

I like to think of this as closing the links on the chain.

I had a f2f meeting booked today for 9:00 am, the other party realised after the scheduling that this would cause a clash in their diary and wanted me to reschedule to 8:30 am. They phoned and left a message, sent a text. I have just changed phone provider and both messages did not reach me in the swap. I turned up for the meeting as planned at 9:00 am. The other party had not closed the link, sent a message assuming that I received it. If the message had been followed up by a telephone call, ensuring that we spoke, both they and I would know the new time.


With modern technology we so often broadcast messages, assuming they have been received and understood. I have a friend whose child plays with their phone, Facebook and WhatsApp messages often look like they have been read when she has not seen them, this has led to confusion and misunderstanding.

Would  an acknowledgment, even if it was an emoji be useful?


We have all experienced the e mail that gets lost in the ether, sent to an address that we don’t look at frequently, other that are lost in spam folders. Just because it was sent, doesn’t mean it was received, read, or understood

What can you do to close the loopes in your communication, to avoid misunderstanding?

A problem can only be present in the absence of a truthful conversation.

Let me know your thoughts using the comments function.

Saturday, 16 July 2022

Valley of despair?

You may enjoy this video

The Dunning Kruger Effect - YouTube

If  you would like to discover how coaching can help you unravel your feelings, unpick what is trapping you, and support you in creating a fulfilling happy future, you can book a FREE CALL FRIDAY or 1-2-1 Bespoke coaching session.  Appointments available from 6:00 am through to 8:00 pm on certain days.

Book a convenient time online

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Become memorable



Become memorable


When I was 8, I went to the hygienist for the very first time to have topical fluoride treatment. That short visit changed my life as from that moment on I wanted to be a hygienist. (I became a dentist instead and my passions always included perio and prevention).  As clear as day I can still remember Sharon telling me a story about Waterloo teeth, false teeth made from the dead soldiers on the battlefields at Waterloo, as she told me the story she also showed me pictures.
Why is it that I can remember that conversation so clearly almost 40 years later, and I can’t recall another conversations?

Have you ever been frustrated that your patients don’t seem to remember what you say?
Would you like your patients to recall what you said to them 40 years later?

Read the following list of words only once spending no more than 30 seconds doing so, and remember as many of the words as you can

















Become the dentist everyone loves to recommend













With your eyes closed, recall
1. The first five words
2. The last five words
3. The word that was repeated
4. The long phrase
5. As many of the other words as you can?

Now check back and see how well you did.

For most of you, the results are likely to have been that you;
• Found question 1 easier than question 2
• Were able to recall no 3
• Found question 4 easy
• Found question 5 most difficult.

What  does this teach you about communicating with your patients?

Patients generally 

  • Remember what you tell them first
  • Easily recall what is repeated to them
  • Will remember something that stands out or is significant in some way.

How can you apply this to your consultations?

• Consider what you want your patients to remember
• Tell them the important information e.g. the benefits of treatment first
• Repeat the information that you want them to retain, e.g. the health of their gums is determined by how well they brush and floss their teeth.
• Make important information stand out, for example use metaphors and stories to explain procedures, show them photos, videos or share powerful experiences and testimonials.

Your patients will already be remember what you say first, what you repeat and what is significant, now you can choose what it is that you want your patients to recall by
• Saying the important information first
• Repeating the significant points
• Making the information you want them to remember significant and outstanding.



Thursday, 30 June 2022

Carrying emotional baggage?


Is your past sabotaging your future?

Are you carrying emotional baggage?

Is emotional baggage thwarting you?



Many of recognise when others  are carrying emotional baggage.

We notice how the baggage stops them from living a full and rewarding life, common examples how emotional baggage weighs people down so their lives are darker than they should be include,

·   Preventing them from committing to a relationship

·   Blocking them from moving jobs

·   Handicapping them in career development

·   Low self esteem and lack of self-worth

·   Self-destructive habits and thought patterns

·   Playing small and not fulfilling their potential

We are often told to deal with our emotional baggage, so we can get on with our lives, yet are seldom if ever shown how to do it so we can be free.

Therapeutic coaching is a new, and ground-breaking approach that hundreds of professionals are now using to enable them to move from status quo to success.

Using  Therapeutic Coaching to free you of the shackles and darkness of your emotional baggage has the potential to

·   Enable you to stand out in your chosen career / profession for all the right reasons

·   Be ahead of the trend curve

·   Enable you to connect with others more easily

·   Embrace an approach that successful people, like you, use to attain their goals

·   Reap the rewards on all that you have already invested

·   Free you of your emotional baggage that is holding you back

If you would like to ditch your emotional baggage and  be free, book an appointment today. You can book on-line use the blue book now button and choose between a Therapeutic Coaching session or a FREE CALL FRIDAY conversation


Now is the time to ditch your emotional baggage


book online


If this message is not for you, please ignore it and pass it on to someone for whom it may be helpful,